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Protein Crystallography

   This is the PX Jam Session*
   (aka pbiotech macromolecular crystallography workshop)

   Requirement: scientific motivation and a notebook with pre-installed MX programs: CCP4 (req), Coot (req), Phenix (req), PyMOL (req), XDS (rec), d*trek (rec), HKL3k, ...

   Local: UFRJ, CCS, Bss32

=> 22/04/2013, 10 am - E2dbd-HPV16,
* 05/04/2013, 10 am - HEWL, MR
* 01/04/2013, 1 pm - HEWL, MR
* 03/26/2013, 9 am - HEWL, MR
* 03/19/2013, 1 pm - HEWL, MR
* 03/12/2013, 9 am - HEWL, MR

* "jam session is a musical event, process, or activity where musicians play (i.e. "jam") by improvising without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements." (Wikipedia)

        "Are we finally, at the end, with this open and sharing spirit, encouraging people to think that crystallography is too trivial? It has once been said in this bb, that 'solving a structure is trivial in the same way that climbing mountain Everest is trivial: it has been down before, its being done now, and it will be done again, by many well-trained and determined people'. Many people have read and trained for this task. If you do not read a couple of books and train before attempting the climb, and you send an email asking the everestbb 'does anybody know how to open this oxygen valve?' you are asking for trouble though … and the people that let you attempt the climb without that knowledge, are also in the wrong."