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   Some videos (really) worth watching

   take your time ...   ;)

BBC - Doctor in the house - S1E1 - reversing T2DM in south asian

Low Carb reversing T2DM

BBC - Doctor in the house - S1E3 - reversing T2DM again

Low Carb again reversing T2DM

Heart of the Matter - dietary villains

Heart of the Matter - Cholesterol Drug Wars

Other Catalyst Documentaries:

PBS Frontline

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Future of farming

Food Inc

BBC - The men who made us fat -


Origin of western diet

Acima do peso (also in EN: Way Beyond Weight)

Super Size Me

"Fat Head" movie

"Why societies collapse"

"How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate "

"The oiling of America"

"The men who made us thin"

"Oz, Ornish, Taubes, AHA"

"Great Nutrition Debate": Atkins, Ornish, Sears, McDougall, Barnard, and more

My Big Fat Diet" Full Documentary

"BBC Low Carb Diet" full documentary

Advantaged Metabolic State

Teach every child about food

What's wrong with what we eat

Why We Get Fat: Diet Trends and Food Policy

First do no harm

The Omnivore's Dilemma

The Weight of the Nation: Part 1 - Consequences (HBO Docs)

My big, fat diet (1/3)