Our group focuses on the investigation of metabolic disorders and chronic diseases. Our present interest is focused in  the following subject:  
   - Diabetes
   - Amyloidosis

   In our work, we make an integrative, routine use of nutritional and biochemical perspectives, as well as biological and medicinal chemistry combined to structural and molecular biology strategies, such as:

    - protein crystallography;
    - small-angle x-ray scattering;
   - mass spectrometry;
    - molecular dynamics simulation;
    - modern spectroscopy: fluorescence, FTIR, CD;
    - quantitative protein thermodynamics, binding and linkage;
    - enzyme and folding kinetics;
    - nanobiotechnology;
    - high hydrostatic pressure, kosmotropic and chaotropic system disturbance;
    - other biophysical methods: ITC, DSC, DLS, AFM, EM, NMR, among others.

    In case you are interested, please contact us or schedule a visit to our lab. We would be pleased in discussing our current projects.